Carly Sue

Author: David Heisler Photography, LLC |

In my business, I do a lot of public speaking and video recording, so I thought I would be a natural behind the camera. I was so wrong. For some reason, taking pictures makes me freeze up, and lockjaw is not a good look! I don't remember how I found David, but I am so grateful that I did. I won't speak about the quality of his photos, because they can speak for themselves. David is one of the most talented photographers out there. He was so warm, fun and such a shining personality. He made me feel so comfortable, made me laugh the entire time, and by the end I felt like a model. You would think with the caliber of people he has worked with that he would be stuffy, but you leave a session with him feeling like you made a new friend. He is talented and authentic. Everyone who visits my website asks who did my photography! If you are looking for headshots or a full-blown website refresh, he is the best for the job!